Summer 2020

Summer Recap:

So long summer we will miss you! Wow, this summer went by fast, but we created many memorable moments that are sure to last. We had five fun-packed weeks that let us camp out in the classroom, learn about Independence Day, become astronauts in outer space, explore farm life, have adventures under the sea, and watch volcanoes erupt! During our camping week, we did many activities like use homemade binoculars to explore our play yards, painted some campfires using our handprints, and even had some campfire snacks like Smores. We also celebrated our Fourth of July in style during our Independence week by making the American Flag out of Strawberries, blueberries, and whip cream for a festive snack. We also got to make firework artworks and learn about the meaning of our independence. Outer Space week was a massive hit; we learned about our solar system, stars, and astronauts. We got to lift off into space with our instructional videos on rocket ships, and we all loved counting down from ten, then shouting out, "Blast off!" During our farm animal week, we got to explore farm life and see what it takes to manage a farm and the different types of animals you would find there. We got creative and made some fun artwork of sheep, pigs, and barn houses. The popcorn on the cob was a huge favorite in the classrooms. Under the Sea week was filled with many wonders to explore. We studied different types of sea creatures, shells, and made colorful jellyfishes. We also got to see some incredible virtual aquariums and all the unusual, different sea creatures that all peacefully coexist. Lastly was our volcano week, it was a hot topic in all the classes and filled with lots of excitement. We all made volcanoes together as a class with papier mache, paint, and had a fun science experiment to watch them erupt using baking soda and vinegar. We also got to learn about all the different types of magma and watched some videos of active volcanoes.

This summer, we implemented some new policies and procedures to keep all our families and staff healthy and safe. We have families drop off and pick up at the front door to minimize contact within our school; during these times, we are taking temperatures to ensure our students’ health and teachers’ health. We are also having our students bring two pairs of shoes to change into when going inside and outside to limit germs coming back into class. Our staff is doing their best to keep the school clean, the children safe, and our families healthy to be able to focus on the education of our children.

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