October 2019

October Recap

Fall has officially arrived, and with it, comes cool and warm weather. It also allows for great art projects and fun events.

In October, the students had so much fun learning about the Fall season, our Five Senses, and Exploring Feelings. The children were able to have hands on experiences related to the five senses with smelling different aromas, fruits, and veggies. As well as understanding sense of touch, sight, listening, and taste.

As we focused on exploring feelings, children were able to firsthand see and label feelings. Different projects such as reading books about feelings and art projects related to feelings allowed children to understand and vividly see emotions.  The students were able to learn empathy and a genuine compassion for others.

The Literacy focus was on the book Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson.

Our Enrichment classes have been so much fun to witness a different perspective on the way children learn. We offered children different areas to enhance the learning process. We explored areas in Art, Music, Cooking, Spanish, and Computers.  Each child gets to experience something different every single day. This makes for a fun interaction.  Our scholars have been continuing to work on mastering the art of music, producing playdough from scratch, fine-tuning their technology skills, learning introductory Spanish vocabulary, and creating watercolor masterpieces!

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a success!  Thank you to our generous families for buying and donating books to your child’s classroom! 


12/14/2020 by indewsfen

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