May 2019

May Recap:

Students and staff had a blast in the month of May at our school. We kicked off the month with our Scholastic Book Fair and Staff Appreciation Week. We appreciate all of our families that participated in purchasing books and spoiling our staff! Our school took a moment to celebrate mom’s on May 10th with the Mother’s Day Breakfast Buffet. Mom’s and their children enjoyed a waffle and oatmeal buffet before receiving their Mother’s Day gifts. Our curriculum focused on animal life cycles. The month of May brought chickens to our school! We incubated 12 eggs at the beginning of the month to showcase the life cycle of a chicken. Classrooms also kept caterpillars to showcase the life cycle of a butterfly. Students enjoyed being a part of this process. At the end of May, our school took time off on the 27th to observe Memorial Day.

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