February 2020

February Recap:

In February, we hosted a successful Open House. We invited current families and prospective families to visit our school and learn more about our Montessori curriculum.  It was a great opportunity to showcase to our current families, specific jobs their child(ren) have been working on.  Each scholar had the chance to share with their families a specific activity from finish to end and explain to their parents what was expected of them during each activity.

February was filled with learning about different cultures and family traditions. Our scholars enjoyed learning about the continent of Asia and the Winter Olympics. Additionally, our classrooms learned about the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and the Chinese Terracotta Army.  Lunar New Year was celebrated in the classrooms. Our scholars learned it is the Year of The Rat from the Lunar Calendar and what makes this celebration special to so many people around the world. We also celebrated Valentine’s Day.  This is a fun celebration of friendships with others. It gives each child another opportunity to learn the gift of friendship and the gift of sharing. 

February enrichments, in art, the children will be learning about Yayoi Kusama. In music, the children will be introduced to different music from the continent of Asia introducing music from china, japan, India and Russia. In cooking, the children made "friendship" snacks. The children will continue working on ABCMOUSE.COM In computer class. As for Spanish, we learned vocabulary for familiar friendship greetings.

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