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We are pleased to announce our newest Lead Teacher, Ms. Amanda Williamson. Ms. Amanda joined SC Montessori in April of 2019 and began her career working as a toddler teacher. It wasn’t long before her leadership skills and nurturing teaching style set her apart. She quickly moved over to Pre-Primary and began her formal Montessori training. We are so happy to welcome her to Room 8.

November 2019

November Recap:  November was a month full of giving thanks. Giving thanks to our loved ones around us, as well as giving thanks for our health. While we focused on Harvest and Healthy Bodies, we learned about how we make healthy decisions through eating, sleeping, and staying active. New work was rotated into our shelfs to fit this month’s topic of discussion. In practical life the children had a chance to sorts fall leaves and cut a variety of fruit and vegetables. In language we focused on letters l, k, and j. Our scholars were able to explore these new letters in various ways on our language shelf.  For example, using our letter soup cans, the children were able to match the letter with pictures that had the same beginning sound. Leading off Veterans Day we had circle time discussions about the united states of America and being thankful for the country we call home.  We were able to locate the USA with our classes land and water globe that was incorporated into our science and culture area. Our month came to an end as we entered Thanksgiving week. The children made thanksgiving turkey cards art and explored different aspects of setting a table within practical life.   Our literature during November was “Fill a Bucket” by Carol McCloud. Each day during circle time, we read the book and each child was able to reflect on the importance of giving and receiving kindness and how those acts of kindness made us feel. We incorporated the story into our day by acknowledging our buckets as full of each act of kindness. Each child was also able to create their own bucket to display on our literature art wall.  

December 2019

December Recap:   December was a month full of holiday cheer. The children were given the opportunity to explore the different holidays that families celebrate during circle time discussions and in our practical life shelf. They had fun putting the candles in the Menorah and decorating the Christmas tree. In our science and culture section we focused on weather. We had the children explore the different seasons and what they look like in other parts of the country. The children particularly enjoyed talking about the snow and the fun activities and articles of clothing people wear in that climate. Throughout the month many jobs and art activities featured our shape of the month, the triangle. We had the children create their own melted snowman using white triangles, a carrot nose, and stick arms. In our language shelf we focused on the letters “i”, “m”, and “n”. The children used sandpaper letters to explore the different sounds of these letters. In spirit of the holidays our literature for the month was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. The children were able to see how giving to others, even something so small like an apple, can have a positive effect on someone. They were able to put that to the text and give their parents a gift that they worked on in class. Each child was measured for a life size snowman. They painted them white and used their fingers to turn their snowman to life with two eyes and a smile. At our holiday party the class got to present the gifts to the loved one to enjoy and look back on for many more holidays to come.

January 2020

January News:    January we will be shifting our focus to Winter Animals and Hibernation. During circle time we will have discussion about the animals that live in cold weather and about what hibernation is. In our science and culture section the children will get a closer look into what type of animal lives in each continent as well as further explore winter through ice and snow activities. We are excited to have the letters “o”, “p”, “q”, and “r” rotated into our language shelf for the children to familiarize themselves with. To tie in the theme of winter and hibernation we will be reading The Mitten by Jan Brett. The children will read the book each week and create their very own mitten to display in the classroom.

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