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Summer RecapThere were a lot of exciting times in our Pre-Primary room during our Summer Program! Our class has been growing and we have welcomed a lot of new friends! We also opened our second Pre-Primary classroom- YAY! In our practical life area we introduced spooning work. In our math area we practiced our counting using our number pegs. In our sensorial area we spent a lot of time learning about primary colors and working with both color box #1 and #2! In our language area we worked with matching objects and pictures, as well as our sandpaper letters! We have been learning a lot, focusing on being calm and peaceful, while also, having a lot of fun! In July, we started off the month making it all about America. A highlight was making our own fireworks! The bubble assembly was amazing! Each child loved having the chance to be put inside their very own bubble. Family is the best, and we were able to celebrate that by hosting a family picnic, packed with lots of love and food, we had a blast! We had a lot of fun learning about ocean life and exploring the deep blue sea. We sang lots of songs, read books and even made our own fish! After learning about what was in the ocean, we pretended to set sail as Pirates- talk about fun times!

In August, it got hot! We made sure we stayed cool by having a lot of fun with our water days! Hose, sprinklers, water tables, bubbles and more- we made sure we beat the heat in style! Our focus this month was on farm animals. We talked about all the different animals that live on the farm. A class favorite has been singing Old MacDonald! We loved using our hands to make chickens. We also practiced using fine motor skills by tearing paper and making cows! The petting zoo was the perfect end to an amazing summer!

September 2018

September RecapIn September, we learned about ourselves. Our theme was ‘All About Me.’ We learned how to identify different feelings. Through expressions, we can show if we are happy, sad, frustrated or excited. We also learned our body parts in English and in Spanish! 

Our Montessori lessons entailed spooning pom-poms in practical life. This helped us work on our fine motor and pincer grip! We worked on our knobbed cylinders in our sensorial area. This focus was on size perception as well as fine motor. In our language area we practiced the letters ‘a, b, c and d’ by tracing our sandpaper letters. We also practiced making the sounds of each letters.

Our special project we did this month was apple stamping! The students were able to use their five senses to recreate apples on paper. They used their sense of touch when feeling the apple skin and the paint. They used their sense of sight when seeing the apple and tracking the apple from the paint tray to the paper. They used their sense of smell as each student was able to smell the apple before painting! They used their sense of hearing when they heard the crisp apple cracking as it was being cut in half. Lastly, they used their sense taste when they were able to have a tasty treat and take a bite of the delicious, juicy apple!

September was full of learning!

October 2018

October RecapIn October we learned about fall and outer space. Our focus was on the solar system! We learned how important the sun is. The sun not only provides us with light and warmth but helps bring us rain and grows plants to produce the oxygen we breathe. The sun works really hard to help us out!

Our Montessori lessons entailed spooning and using tongs with tiny pumpkins in practical life. This helped us work on our fine motor skills and pincer grip! We worked on our listening ears by using the sound cylinders. In our language area, we practiced the letters ‘e, f, g and h’ by tracing our sandpaper letters. We also practiced making the sounds of each letters. Our book of the month was ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’ by Steve Metzger and illustrated by Miki Sakamoto. We learned about the different colors and shapes of maple leaves, birch leaves and red oak leaves.

Our special projects this month were our fall tree, name rocket ships and fire trucks. We talked about the different parts of a tree from the roots, trunk, branches and leaves. The students used their arm and hand to make the trunk and branches of the tree. They used their fingers and hands to paint the leaves. We used all the fall colors we learned about in ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’. We practiced making each letter sound in our name as we pieced together our rocket ships. We are ready to blast off in to outer space. We had a visit from our local fire department. In preparation for their visit we practiced stop, drop and roll. They taught us the number we need to call in case of an emergency, 9-1-1! This month was full of safety, learning and fun.

November 2018

November RecapIn November, we learned about friends, kindness, Thanksgiving and being helpful. Our focus was on gratitude and values! We learned how important it is to give thanks. It feels nice to not only receive thanks, but to give thanks, too!

Our Montessori lessons entailed leaf sorting in practical life. This helped us work on our colors, shapes and sizes! We worked on our sense of touch using our rough and smooth boards. In our language area we practiced the letters ‘i, j, and k’ by tracing our sandpaper letters. We also practiced making the sounds of each letters. Our book of the month was ‘Fill a Bucket’ by Carol McCloud and illustrated by David Messing. We learned about how we feel when our bucket is full, happy, and how we feel when it is empty, sad. We also learned how we can fill others’ buckets!

Our special projects we did this month were our leaf people, continent maps, vegetable prints, turkeys and Thanksgiving cards! Mr. John added a beautiful music wall to our outside play area. We planted succulents in the planters and have enjoyed watering them and playing music daily! Thank you, Mr. John!!

This month was full of giving thanks!

December 2018

December RecapIn December, we learned about Celebrations Around the World! We learned that it feels good to receive gifts, but it makes us feel just as good to give to others!

Our Montessori lessons entailed bead stringing in practical life. This helped us work on our perception and fine motor skills! We worked on sorting in the sensorial area. In our language area we practiced the letters ‘l, m and n’ by tracing our sandpaper letters. We also practiced making the sounds of each letters. Our book of the month was ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. We learned about how we feel when we give to others!

Our special project we did this month was we made our very own snow! The children enjoyed feeling the coolness and texture, while playing in the snow! We also made Christmas trees, Menorahs and Stars of David to hang from the ceiling!

This month was full of celebrating differences!

January 2019

January RecapIn January, we learned about Winter, snow, and ice! We focused on animals that live in colder climates and animals that hibernate in the Winter.

Our Montessori lessons entailed dressing frames in practical life. This helped us work on our fine motor skills and dexterity. We also worked on sorting fabrics in the sensorial area. In our language area, we practiced the letters ‘o, p, q and r’ by tracing our sandpaper letters. We also practiced the sounds of our focus letters. A class favorite was counting the beads on the color bead stair in our math area! Our book of the month was ‘The Mitten’ by Jan Brett. We enjoyed looking at the mitten on each page as it foretold the next animal to arrive in the mitten. The students had a great time with this story and especially loved acting it out!

Our special project of the month was making our very own mitten from the story! The students used cotton balls and white paint to paint their mittens snowy white and then added each animal to their mitten, in the same order as they arrived in the story! We also made polar bears and painted with ice!

January was full of cold climate learning!

February 2019

February RecapIn February, our class learned about cultural awareness and friendship! We focused on what it means to be a friend.  Our discussions included talking about different cultures and how they are different, but also similar. Our friend, Jason, brought in his special spring festival attire, a fan, and chopsticks to help teach us about Chinese traditions. We embraced diversity and shared a lot of love as we prepared for Valentine’s Day! Our Montessori lessons entailed chopsticks in practical life (Thank you, Jason). This helped us work on our fine motor skills and dexterity. It also helped our learning about Asian culture. We worked on a class favorite, the pink tower, in the sensorial area. In our language area the class practiced the letters ‘s, t, u and v’ by tracing the sandpaper letters. Students also practiced making the sounds for each letter. We worked hard on counting with our calendar! Our book of the month was ‘Little Blue and Little Yellow’ by Leo Lionni. The class enjoyed seeing the colors and celebrating friendship with this book. We also enjoyed seeing what happens when you mix colors together. Our special project was making hearts and love photos for Valentine’s Day! We also marble painted with primary colors to see the mixing of colors, just like our story! February was full of diversity and awareness!

March 2019

March RecapIn March, we learned about the African Savanna! We focused on the animals and music in Africa. We talked about what animals live in the Savanna and their habitats. Our favorite animal was the giraffe as we read “Giraffes Can’t Dance”. After learning that everyone can dance once they find the music that they love, we all danced to African music! We also enjoyed a lot of Dr Seuss stories all month long! We really enjoyed all the fun of dressing up during our spirit week!! Our Montessori lessons entailed matching animals in practical life. This helped us learn about the animals in Africa. We worked on a class favorite of Pink towers in the sensorial area. In our language area we practiced the letters ‘w, x, y and z’ by tracing our sandpaper letters. We also practiced making the sounds of each letters. We worked hard on counting with our beaded color chains. We counted each number, saw the symbol for the number and felt the quantity as we touched each bead. Our special project we did this month was we made shamrocks out of sea salt and watercolors. We also made One Fish Two Fish art in honor of our author of the month. Lastly, we made some amazing striped zebras! March was full of literature and learning!

April 2019

April RecapIn April, we learned about the Islands and Volcanos! We focused on the animals in Australia, Volcanoes and the Pacific Island. We talked about kangaroos and koala bears; where they live, what food they eat and what they like to do. We also talked about parts of volcanoes, their temperature and what makes them erupt. We even made our very own volcano eruption using baking soda and vinegar! We talked about reactions and tried different liquids with the baking soda. We saw that water, milk and soda water did not cause any reaction with the baking soda. When we observed the vinegar with the baking soda, we saw the reaction causing the baking soda to bubble over and come rushing out just like the lava of a volcano! We loved celebrating The Week Of The Young Child, and had so much fun dressing up for spirit week! Each and every child is so special and important. We are so appreciative that you have chosen this school to help foster their education and monumental years! We love being a part of their life ♥️

Our Montessori lessons included pushing in our chairs in practical life. This is also a part of our grace and courtesy, showing good manners. In our sensorial area we practiced our primary colors with the color box #1. Now that we have completed our alphabet, we enjoyed reading our book of the month, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”. This also tied into our language lessons, where we continued to practice the sounds of letters and beginning sounds of words! In our math area we worked with our number rods. We were visually able to see that the number 5 is larger than the number 1 by holding the two rods next to each other.

Our special project we did this month was we made spring flowers! This was a multistep/process art project. We started by painting craft sticks green, making the stem of a flower. We then added leaves to the stem. Our next step was choosing two colors. We then painted our paper plates with one color in the middle and the other color surrounding. After the paint dried and with the help of the teacher we practiced cutting and removed parts of the outside edge of the plate, turning the round plate into a flower with petals! Lastly, we put the petals onto our stems and created our beautiful spring flowers! It was a great experience to watch our flowers grow and also learn the parts of the flower in this multistep process!

April was full of experimenting and growing!

May 2019

May RecapIn May, we learned about whales and migration. We focused on where the whales live and how they survive. We learned that whales share the ocean with the fish but are very different from fish. Whales are warm blooded marine mammals, unlike fish who are fish and cold blooded. This is why the whales migrate to warmer tropical waters in the pacific in late autumn for the entire winter. They return south in the spring! We also learned that whales need oxygen to survive and that is why they come to the surface for air. That is also when we may see them blow air through their spout! We also focused on the caterpillar/butterfly lifecycle. We learned that the cycle first starts as an egg, then hatches a caterpillar. After the caterpillar has grown, they build a chrysalis and wait patiently for up to two weeks! From there they nibble their way through and out comes a butterfly! We found out that not only do whales migrate, but butterflies do too! We thoroughly enjoyed reading our The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. An addition to our book of the month, we loved our new book, The VERY Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach. The children loved following along with this silly caterpillar who had a hard time patiently waiting to become a butterfly! We learned new words, like, metamorphosis, and most importantly, learned that good things come to those who wait! Our Montessori lessons included rolling our work rugs in practical life- we really took the time to be mindful and careful while rolling and smoothing our work rugs. In our senatorial area we explored texture with our smooth and rough boards. In language we had matching cards of parts of a butterfly. We also, talked about how butterflies are symmetrical and have matching wings. In math we practiced counting all the way to 31 with our calendar numbers. We also focused on the color pattern that our numbers make. In science we loved exploring the lifecycle of a butterfly! This was especially fun to watch as we grew our own caterpillars and saw them transform into butterflies. We even named our caterpillars, Girl, Boat, and Princess! Our special project we did this month was making migrating whales. We used watercolor to paint coffee filters. We used the colors of the ocean and the sky and then placed our whale silhouettes in the middle of the filters. They were hung in the window for a beautiful stained-glass effect. We also made gifts for our wonderful mothers! The children worked so hard using dot markers to fill their craft sticks with beautiful colors. We glued the sticks together turning it into a frame. The children gave their biggest smiles while holding a sign telling their moms how much they love them! They also arranged flowers in a spray bottles and added water and essential oils to give their moms a calming room spray. We hope everyone enjoyed their gifts that were truly made with a lot of heart! May was full of learning and transformations!  

June 2019

June RecapIn June, we learned about community helpers. We focused on the different jobs there are in a community and why each one is important. A few of our favorites were a dentist, who helps us keep our mouth healthy, a doctor, who helps us keep our bodies strong and healthy, and a  firefighter and police officer, who both keep us safe. If we ever need help, these are people who we can find to help us! Our book of the month was “The Little Red Hen” by Paul Galdone. In the book, we watched the Little Red Hen work hard everyday keeping the house and doing all the chores. While doing her chores of hoeing the garden she stumbled across some wheat. She asked the dog, the cat and the mouse who would help her tend the wheat, only to hear the response of “Not I”. As the wheat grew, she continued to tend to it until it was brought to the mill to be ground into flour. From that flour she made a delicious cake! When asking for help, she again was received by the response of “Not I” from the dog, the cat and the mouse. So, she was quite surprised when she found three very eager helpers when it came to time eat the cake! The little red hen responded with “All by myself, I am going to eat it!” After that, the cat, the dog and the mouse were sure to be first to volunteer to help with any future chores! We learned that it is important to work together and help others, and when we do, we are able to enjoy the rewards together as well! Our Montessori lessons included spooning balls in practical life- we really took the time to be mindful and careful while transferring the balls from one bowl to another. In our sensorial area we worked on our knobless cylinders. In language we practiced putting together the sounds of d-a-d. We were able to sound out the word dad, which we also put on our special mugs for Father’s Day! In math we practiced counting all the way to 30 with our calendar numbers. We also focused on the color pattern that our numbers make. Our special project we did this month was, we made symmetrical butterflies. We folded our butterflies in half and ran a piece of yarn up and down to spread the paint inside. Once we opened the butterflies we were able to observe that the wings were the same on both sides! We also made special mugs for Father’s Day! The letters D-A-D were put on the mug and the children colored over the letters. When removed their beautiful colorings displayed the word DAD! Hands down, we have the best dads around!  We hope everyone enjoyed their gifts that were truly made with a lot of heart! This month wraps up our academic school year! This year was full of fun, learning, growing and so much progress!

Summer 2019

Summer News: We have a lot of fun planned for this summer! Weekly themes include party in the USA, underwater adventures, outer space, only one you, down on the farm and wrapping summer up with a school spirit week. We will have water play on July 12, 26 and August 16. Bubble days will be July 19 and August 9. Water slide days will be July 17, 31, August 7 and 21. We have a lot of in-house fun including magic shows, discovery cube, Ranger Jack and a reptile show. We will be having a special summer carnival on August 2nd from 3-6. There will be a petting zoo, pony rides and more. Be sure to save the date!

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