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Summer Recap Summer has officially come to an end. It was filled of so much fun. The kids enjoyed water days, bubble play, magic joe, ranger jack, discovery cube, reptile show, school carnival and so much more! Each week in summer we had a certain theme where fun activities and art were done by the kids. Themes we had were under the water, outer space, down by the farm, and spirit week. The kids did art activities based on the theme we had that week. For under the water they made starfish using Cheerios. For outer space they made rockets with their names on them. For down by the farm they pained piggy’s to make them dirty as if they were playing in the mud. Also for down by the farm the kids had a sensory bin with farm animals and buttons mixed in. They used tongs or spoons to get the buttons out or pick up the farm animals. During August we read, Only One You, there’s only one you in the big world. Make it a better place.

September 2019

September RecapIn September we did All About Me. The children shared family pictures during circle time. We learned their favorite food and favorite colors. We practiced our letters A, B, and C. We started practicing the flag salute and sang “this land is your land”. Our book of the month was, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, it’s about a raccoon who is sad and doesn’t want to school but his mom lets him in a little secret called the kissing hand. Momma raccoon kisses the little raccoon’s hand and tells him no matter where he goes her kiss will stay with him. If he presses it close to his cheek he will be filled with warmth. We are learning so much about reading stories and trying to relate them to the situations in and out of the classroom. The children love to read and look forward to learning more about the story. There are so many books in the classroom we love to read. This book that teaches the children how we can communicate to each other and how to try to use our words. The children love to read and listen.

October 2019

October RecapIn October, we learned all about our five senses, as well as celebrated Halloween with a costume parade. The children were introduced to the letter E, F, and G. We practiced the letter sounds and had pictures that started with each of the letters. The children did many Halloween art projects. For Halloween we also got to touch and smell the inside of a pumpkin. The children explored a Halloween sensory bin filled with lots of spooky items. In the bin we had tongs, spoons and funnels the children were able to adapt and enhance their fine motor skills.

November 2019

November Recap:   In November our theme focused on the Harvest and Healthy Bodies. We talked about giving our bodies good food such as fruits and veggies that help us grow and give us energy to play. The children created art and activities that included turkeys and the Fall season. We practiced our letters of the month: l, j, and k. The children were introduced to items that start with each of those letters.   As a classroom, we learned about land, water, and air; and identified pictures associated with each. In November we also celebrated our Harvest feast and Veterans Day. We talked about being thankful for our families, friends, healthy foods, and our freedom. We also discussed being thankful for all the men and women that give their time and keep us protected to help our country. 

December 2019

December Recap:   December was filled with learning about our seasons and holidays. As a class, we held discussions on the many kinds of celebrations December brings. Our students learned about Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. We learned about each holiday and how each one is unique. In honor of Hanukkah, the children made menorahs and we discussed that Hanukkah had eight nights and one candle for each night. As for Christmas, the children painted big green trees and decorated them with colorful pom-poms to act as ornaments. Our artists love creating artwork masterpieces. Our classroom looks so beautiful decorated with holiday artwork. We practiced our letters “l”, “m”, and “n” with pictures that started with each letter. We carefully and phonetically practiced each letter sound. For practical life activities we had each child practice spooning, shape recognition, and learn using tongs. As a whole class we were working on recognizing our letters; not just memorizing the order, but truly recognizing each letter. To accomplish this, we incorporate objects and songs to aid in helping children differentiating each letter. Art included creating artwork related to the holidays. Our classroom had fun creating snowmen and gingerbread men. Our book of the month, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, teaches us that willingness to give even something so small, feels just as important and special, as it is to receive.

January 2020

January Recap  In the month of January, we learned about hibernation and winter animals. We learned about what species of animal live in cold weather during the winter months. We also learned about hibernation; as well as which animals prepare for hibernation. The children enjoyed learning how animals prepare for hibernation as well as, which animals prefer cold weather. The children have been working on their letters of the week by bringing something in from home that starts with the letter of the week.  This is a great way to introduce letters to early learners, as it illustrates the letter and creates letter association. In science, we discussed the world map and explored the land and water. In math, we practiced our counting and worked on number puzzles as well. Our book of the month was The Mitten by Jan Brett. We made winter mittens in class and glued animals from our story inside. For our music component of curriculum, the children learned a few new songs. The class learns these songs by singing along with the teachers and they quickly pick up the words and the melody. We practiced and learned “Five Little Monkeys” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear Turn Around”.

February 2020

February Recap In February, we learned about Cultural Awareness and Friendship. We kicked off the month learning what friends are and what it means to be a friend. During our circle time we had the kids practice greeting their friends with a handshake and sang our song “The More We Get Together”. For our friendship art, all the children joined in to help us make a friendship tree using their handprints. We had a Valentine’s party to celebrate love and friendship. The children had the chance to pass out their Valentines to their classmates as well as enjoy each other’s company. Our book of the month was Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni. While reading this book the kids were able to learn how little blue and little yellow mix as friends and create the color green. In science we learned about the water cycle as well as exploring the map of Asia. The kids were able to paint an Asian Elephant during art. In our cultural section the children learned about the different parts of a Giant Panda. Leading up to Presidents Day we discussed George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and we sang patriotic songs. For language “s, t, u and v” were introduced. For share day we had each child bring in a coin with a Presidents face on it.

March 2020

March News March’s curriculum will be all about “Rainforest and South America”. The questions that will be introduced are “Who lives in the Rainforest” and “What makes a Rainbow?”. In science, we will be learning what animals are found in the Rainforest as well as exploring the Map of South America. For art, the children will be making Shamrocks, Rainbows and Chameleons. In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we will be reading a Dr. Seuss book. March will be an exciting month as the children will have lots of fun making different art projects and the children will be able to bring in something that makes music.

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