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September 2018

September RecapSeptember is off to a great start with learning about the children’s family, color, food, clothing and sports. We learned that every child is unique in many ways. This activity helped all the children to build strong friendships in the classroom and out on the playground. Children realized that some of their friends have similarities as well as differences. The children explored the feelings; sad, happy, mad, and jealousy.  We made so many arts and crafts to relate to the theme. We are learning so much about reading stories and trying to relate them to the situations in and out of the classroom. The children love to read and look forward to learning more about the story. There are so many books in the classroom we love to read. One of my favorites is “Yo!Yes.” This book that teaches the children how we can communicate to each other and how to try to use our words. The children love to read and listen.Enrichment: I am the teacher for art enrichment in the afternoons with the primary children. Art is the best way to express our feeling into colors and objects. This month, we have learned about artist, doves, and process. I am teaching them about different ways to express, be messy, and have fun at the same time.

October 2018

October Recap: In October, we learned about the solar system and outer space. Your little bright stars have learned so much. We learned about the solar system and North America. The children loved looking at the pictures of the planets and doing arts and crafts. We held discussions on North America. We learned about the climate, the plants and the animals. We explored the World Map and talked about cities and states. We hosted Open House on October 17, 2018.Thank you to all the families that were able to come and learn about Montessori education. It was so nice to see so many moms and dads. I hope everyone enjoyed their time. Our literature spotlight was the book, Fletcher & The Falling Leaves, by Julia Rawlinson. When a Fletcher, the fox’s favorite tree, begins to lose its leaves, he worries that it is sick, but instead a magical sight is in store for him. The children loved the book because they realized that when the season of fall comes around the leaves start to change and fall off the trees.

November 2018

November RecapIn November, we spent a lot time talking about being thankful for all that we have! Our literary focus this month was on the book, “To fill a Bucket.” If you’re not familiar with it, it is a child empathy program that teaches children to be “bucket-fillers” by being kind to each other. Each small act of kindness adds to our buckets and makes us feel good inside. We enjoyed our Harvest Feast. Thank you to all our amazing parents who helped make our party a success with your donations. We joined Pre-Primary Room 6 and feasted together! The children really enjoyed making hats and celebrating this event together.

December 2018

December RecapIn December, our class learned about Celebrations Around the World. Awe discussed the many ways other cultures celebrate their winter holidays. We learned about Hanukkah and introduced the children to dreidels and dreidel games! We discussed the African celebration of Kwanzaa. We learned about Christmas and even had a visit from Santa Claus. December was a time of giving and reflection. We shared Shell Silverstein’s book The Giving Tree. We learned that giving is just as rewarding as receiving. We continue to work with the children on taking turns, gentle touches and sharing with friends. We made several special projects including snowmen, Christmas trees, dreidels, and the Star of David.  We have enjoyed having your children in our classroom in 2018. We are looking forward to learning and growing in 2019.

January 2019

January RecapIn January, we learned about Antarctica and explored cold weather climates and animals. The children explored our sensory bin with snow and water beads. We also talked about what kind of animals live in cold such as bears, bunnies, badgers owls and mice etc. Our literary focus was on “The Mitten,” a story about winter friends who were looking for a place to keep warm. The story teaches children about how retell their own version of the story, such as beginning, middle, and end. Every child tells the story differently. Special projects were all about winter, snow and ice. We played in the sensory bin with snow, water beads. We also made mittens and other winter animals. Our enrichment learning included lesson plans of counting, colors, flower arrangements, and matching shapes.

February 2019

February RecapIn February, we learned about Asia, Asian animals, and explored different weather climates. The children discovered how to make friends with their classmates and with the other classes around the school by participating in National Hug Day. We also talked about how to use our kind words such as: Yes please, no thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, bless you, and can I please play with you? Our literary focus was on “Little Blue, Little Yellow,” a story about friendship. The story teaches children about how to become friends with children no matter what culture or background they might come from. Embracing our differences makes us unique and add a special quality to a friendship.

The special projects we worked on in the classroom were all about love and friendship. We painted with pink, purple, and red. The class also made card board hearts with scattered yarn and a hearts friendship chain that we hung from our ceiling! For our enrichments, the class did lessons about counting, colors, learning letter sounds of the alphabet, play dough, and matching farm animals.

March 2019

March RecapIn March, we learned about African animals and explored Afica’s weather climates. We learned what kinds of animals live in Africa. We also talked about how to use our kind words such as, yes, please, no thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, bless you, and can I please play with you, etc. Our literary focus was on “Little Blue, Little Yellow,” a story about two friends who were looking to play with each other and Little Blue said I’m too sad to play and Little Yellow said I can play with you. They became friends, they are now a new color “green.” The story teaches children about how to become friends with children no matter what culture they are from. Special projects we worked on were all about love and friendships. So, we painted with pink, purple and red. We also made shamrocks, Dr. Seuss crafts-fish bowl, thing1, Lorax, the elephant from Lorax. The enrichments, we did lots of lesson plans of counting, colors, learning letter sounds of the alphabet, play dough, Green Slime and matching farm animals.  

April 2019

April RecapIn April we learned about Australian animals like the kangaroo. Kangaroos have short hair, long legs and have great listening ears. Baby kangaroos are known as “joeys”. The children practiced their letters like the letter ‘K” for kangaroo and keys. We also read our book of the month “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” It’s a book about the alphabet showing upper case and lowercase letters. In April, we also had our spirit week, our annual egg hunt, and open house.

May 2019

May RecapIn May we learned about whales and migration. The children learned that whales cannot breathe under water, but instead breathe air through their blowholes. During warm weather seasons, whales migrate to colder waters. The children practiced the letter “W” and learned that whale starts with “W”. We also learned about the continent of South America. There are many countries in South America. Our special projects entailed making maracas, which in South America, are essential. Maracas are used for making music and are commonly found in use during celebrations. In May, we celebrated many events, like Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day! Our literary focus on was on The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This story is about transformation and growth, and the changes that take place growing from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Our class also received three live tiny caterpillars that the children were able to observe as they transformed to chrysalis and then became butterflies. We studied about the butterfly life cycle.

June 2019

June RecapIn June, we learned about community helpers. We focused on the different jobs there are in a community and why each one is important. A few of our favorites were a dentist, who helps us keep our mouth healthy, a doctor, who helps us keep our bodies strong and healthy, and a  firefighter and police officer, who both keep us safe. If we ever need help, these are people who we can find to help us! Our book of the month was “The Little Red Hen” by Paul Galdone. In the book, we watched the Little Red Hen work hard everyday keeping the house and doing all the chores. While doing her chores of hoeing the garden she stumbled across some wheat. She asked the dog, the cat and the mouse who would help her tend the wheat, only to hear the response of “Not I”. As the wheat grew, she continued to tend to it until it was brought to the mill to be ground into flour. From that flour she made a delicious cake! When asking for help, she again was received by the response of “Not I” from the dog, the cat and the mouse. So, she was quite surprised when she found three very eager helpers when it came to time eat the cake! The little red hen responded with “All by myself, I am going to eat it!” After that, the cat, the dog and the mouse were sure to be first to volunteer to help with any future chores! We learned that it is important to work together and help others, and when we do, we are able to enjoy the rewards together as well! Our Montessori lessons included spooning balls in practical life- we really took the time to be mindful and careful while transferring the balls from one bowl to another. In our sensorial area we worked on our knobless cylinders. In language we practiced putting together the sounds of d-a-d. We were able to sound out the word dad, which we also put on our special mugs for Father’s Day! In math we practiced counting all the way to 30 with our calendar numbers. We also focused on the color pattern that our numbers make. Our special project we did this month was, we made symmetrical butterflies. We folded our butterflies in half and ran a piece of yarn up and down to spread the paint inside. Once we opened the butterflies we were able to observe that the wings were the same on both sides! We also made special mugs for Father’s Day! The letters D-A-D were put on the mug and the children colored over the letters. When removed their beautiful colorings displayed the word DAD! Hands down, we have the best dads around!  We hope everyone enjoyed their gifts that were truly made with a lot of heart! This month wraps up our academic school year! This year was full of fun, learning, growing and so much progress!

Summer 2019

Summer NewsWe have a lot of fun planned for this summer! Weekly themes include party in the USA, underwater adventures, outer space, only one you, down on the farm and wrapping summer up with a school spirit week. We will have water play on July 12, 26 and August 16. Bubble days will be July 19 and August 9. Water slide days will be July 17, 31, August 7 and 21. We have a lot of in-house fun including magic shows, discovery cube, Ranger Jack and a reptile show. We will be having a special summer carnival on August 2nd from 3-6. There will be a petting zoo, pony rides and more. Be sure to save the date!

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